Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Top 3 Favorite Fashion Bloggers (2014)

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1. Negin Mirsalehi ( Yes, she is number one on my list. I instantly fell in love with her style and her gorgeous hair when I have discovered her through Instagram in 2013. Ever since I'm a big fan of hers. If you read comments on her blog or Instagram you will know that I'm not the only one who envies her brown ombred locks. Needless to say that Negin's hair isn't the only reason why she is number one on my list of favorite bloggers. Besides her gorgeous hair she has a true talent for creating simple yet impeccable looks that complement her hot body and a beautiful smile.  She constantly works on improving her website by updating it regularly. Her Instagram page is filled with stylish pictures and her outfit combinations are simply to die for.

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2. Aimee Song ( She's a very popular fashion blogger. If you are into fashion then you gotta know this LA girl with extraordinary fashion taste. I love love her style. Aimee Song expresses her creativity through her outfits and interior design ideas. To be honest, I love  Aimee's daily Instagram pictures more than her blog. She shares her travel experiences, what she wears and  even what she eats! In addition, Aimee posts her amazing outfit pictures and her collaborations with top fashion brands that she skillfully styles. I know from my very little experience that blogging takes a lot of hard-work and dedication if you want to stay on top of your game. And she sure does stay on top of her game. Very inspiring. 

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3. Nicole Warne ( She is an extremely committed fashion blogger. Her style is chic and her work is perfect. I'm madly in love with her editorial shoots. Nicole's website isn't just about fashion and outfits, it is also about high quality pictures. When I say "high-quality" I mean higher than high quality. The locations where she shoots her elegant and sophisticated looks are mesmerizing.  She has an eye for choosing the most beautiful places for her shoots and incorporating them with her outfits. I never get tired of looking at Nicole's pictures. The only reason she's not number one on my list is because I can't relate to her style as much as I do to Negin's and Aimee's styles. She doesn't really post casual every day looks, and my life mostly consist of casual outfits.

P.S. All above evaluations are based on my personal opinion. I don't mean to underestimate the worth of someone's hard work. I understand that Negin, Aimee and Nicole are different individuals and their work should be appreciated and treated individually. This article was written for entertainment purposes only, so no hard feelings:) Hope you guys enjoyed it.

See you all soon! 



Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three Different Black And White Looks On Rashell



Hi loves! I missed you all!!! Hope all is well with you. Sorry for not being able to update the blog for such a long time. I've been working on lots of interesting new projects. Yay! And, of course, I will be sharing them with you here on As you can see, it's not me who is posing for the camera:) This time it's beautiful Rashell! She got to be my muse babe for this photo shoot. I created three different looks for her. The first one is a Parisian inspired look. The second one I would call a boho-chic look, and the third one is edgy look. I personally, love them all. Each look is different and can be worn depending on your personal style. But, if you are like me who likes to experiment with different styles then you can definitely wear all of these looks. Experiment and have fun with it! Hope you liked the pictures. Enjoy! See you soon. A big thanks to my friend Rashell:).

In Russian:
Всем привет! Я соскучилась по вам, всем:).  Надеюсь, у всех все хорошо. Простите меня за то, что так долго не обновляла блог. Я работала над новыми и интересными проектами. Ура! И, конечно, я обязательно поделюсь своей работой с вами - моими дорогими читателями. Как вы сами уже заметили, в етот раз перед камерой позировала не я, а Рашэлл. Она была в роли моей музы. Я создала три разных стиля. Самый первый  образ -  образ парижианки. Второй лук в стиле бохо. И наконец, третий лук - остромодный. Лично мне все три стиля нравятся. Если вы любите экспериментировать также как и я, тогда вы можете создать эти образы для себя. Экспериментируй и наслаждайся! Надеюсь, вам понравились фотографии.  Всем хорошего дня и до скорой встречи! Огромное спасибо, Рашэлл.

P.S. Начиная с этого дня, каждая работа в этом блоге будет сопровождаться русским переводом:) Чему я сама очень рада. Я дааааавно не писала на русском языке. Наверное, около 7-8 лет уже. Я тут порой с английского перевожу на русский с помощью словаря, поэтому строго не судите мой русский:) Но, если вы увидите грубые ошибки, дайте знать, буду только благодарна.



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring High-Low

Hi loves! How is everyone doing? Hope you are all feeling positive and happy. I would hope your days are filled with laughter and good vibes. But, some of you might be going through not so happy times. As cliche as it may sound, that's part of life. Just like this dress I'm wearing here, it consists of highs and lows. Life consists of flowers and rocks. It consists of days and nights. It consists of rainy days and sunny days. And it never stops moving forward. What happened two seconds ago will never repeat itself again. Are you moving along with life? Or you are stuck? If yes, what's holding you back? Whatever the answer is, know that it is solvable. Maybe you are trapped in your fears. Think about it...

While you are thinking, I am thinking that I want to go travelling somewhere exotic so bad. Where the weather is warm and where coconut palms grow graciously. Where I can go swimming and dancing or practice yoga on the beach. This dress really says what I want at the moment. I want the sun to shine bright. 

Mandee dress, and I am not wearing any shoes here:)

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Monday, April 7, 2014

"You Rock My World" - Michael Jackson


No words needed when I listen to MJ songs... Just try to feel the energy. I was listening to Michael Jackson's "Rock My World" song. I'm holding my phone because that's where the music is coming from:) And, yes, you guys rock my world. Because of you I get to do what I love. So, thanks for being here. Enjoy!

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Earthy Tones + Bright Bangle Bracelets

Hi everyone! How's your weekend going? I am excited that Spring is right around the corner. While we are "enjoying" rainy days here in New York, other parts of the world are enjoying the spring flowering trees already. I wonder if people are generally happier where there's no winter. That is something I would like experience myself. For that, I don't really have to travel to another country. All I have to do is go to Florida or California. 

But, for now I get to enjoy the city that never sleeps. The city that holds about 8.3 million people with 8.3 million different life journeys. The city that can excite you today and slap you in the face tomorrow. The city that holds tall buildings, long traffics, loud noises, big dreams and broken hearts. The city that is filled with arts, music, laughter, joy and sadness. The city that will either make you or break you. The city that I fell in love with...New York...

The city where I wear earthy toned outfits and bright bangle bracelets:)  The city that is happy to have me because I feel it so:). And on that note, I would like to ask New York to finally warm up! Please, we all need some sunlight and vitamin D here. Enough is enough. Stop making us wear our warm clothes longer than we are supposed to. You guys know that I am being jokingly serious, right? Ok, thanks for reading my long post. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend! 

But, I still love you New York. 

The dress is from Italy, Elie Taharie shoes, Mandee top

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Big Bow + Nerdy Glasses

Hi loves! Hope your week is going good. Just stopped by to say a quick hello. Enjoy the look. Hope you liked my shmexy nerdy look:).

Lauren Conrad shirt, Aeropostale jeans, Abercrombie denim shirt, Stuart Weitzmen shoes

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