Sunday, March 30, 2014

Embroidered Dress

Hey loves! Hope everything is well with you. Here's another look for you to enjoy:) I can't even label this look myself. I'll leave the labeling up to you:) All I can say, that it screams, "I AM A FASHIONISTA!" In a good way, of course. So, if you are feeling extra spicy then this look is the way to go. As I always say, don't be afraid to experiment with you looks. It can be fun if you allow yourself to enjoy it. That's all I have for today. Have an amazing day and night! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'll see you soon. 

Ralph Lauren blazer, the dress was a gift which was given to me many years ago (sorry, I removed the inside tag), shoes are from China. 

Same blazer different look here
Same head piece different look here

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Blue Polka Dots

Hi loves! Hope you guys are doing well. Also, I really hope that you are living your dream life. If not, then you are working on it, right? Needless to say, but I will still say it:) Life is too short to feel miserable. And while I am typing these words I am reminding myself to enjoy life as well. We, as human beings should work to keep the spark on every single day. I would like to paraphrase one of my favorite Kyrgyz writers, Chinghiz Aytmatov's words. He said, that the most difficult challenge for a human being is to wake up every day and be a human being. I did my best to translate the meaning of the quote as close as it was possible to its original meaning. It sounds much better in Kyrgyz or Russian, but I hope you guys got the point. 

Being a human being may not be easy, but styling a shirt with polka-dots is easy peasy lemon squeasy:) You can wear a polka-dot shirt with jeans, dress pants and skirts. So, you can also match the entire outfit to the color of the dots on the shirt or to the base color of the shirt. You can also do both, like I did here. So I am wearing a white shirt with blue polka dots. I used both colors, white and blue. I paired it with a mini denim skirt (which is blue) and a long white blazer. There are also black dots on the shirt. I could have also combined it with something black. It is all about combining the pieces and creating a flow to our entire look. We may have our closets full of clothes and still feel like we have nothing to wear. Well, the good news is we have a lot of clothes and we can wear one single item many times but different ways. Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a wonderful day and night! Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you soon! 

Ben Sherman shirt, H&M blazer, I bought the skirt in China many years ago:) Stuart Weitzmen shoes, and the hat is from Kyrgyzstan. 

For a different kind polka-dot shirt look click here

Same skirt different look here

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tomboy-ish Style

Hi my beautiful peeps! Hope life is being good to you. Here's another "manly" look. I don't know why I keep calling it "manly," maybe because I am wearing my brother's clothes:) But, I don't think his clothes are making me look like a man or masculine. If we called it a "tomboy-ish" look, it would probably sound better. As you can see here, I'm wearing high heels and usually tomboys don't wear heels and that's where the "-ish" comes in. However, this is not a scientific definition:) And if I said that tomboys usually don't wear heels, it doesn't mean they don't. Just saying, you know:) 
This is one of the easy peasy looks that anyone can wear.  A pair of boyfriend jeans with a cotton shirt can be easily put together in seconds. For more casual look you can wear it with sneakers, flats or sandals depending on the weather. That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the look. And, thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day/night. I'll see you soon! 

Mexx shirt, Nine Way Homme Jeans and Stuart Weitzman shoes

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hi everyone! Hope your week is going well. As you see, I've already passed the flowery-powery-cutie phase:). This post is about "manly" pieces. It's nice to be able to feel the freedom of expressing yourself through any gender's wardrobe. I think we females were given the natural gift of transforming "boring" pieces into something beautiful and interesting just by putting it on our beautiful bodies. Don't get me wrong, I love how clothes sit on men. Especially, suits. I love men in suits. In my ideal world all men would wear suits and ties every day. Even when they go grocery shopping. lol. 

But, let's come back to our real world where women can wear men's clothes and look amazingly beautiful. There are plenty loose and straight fit pieces specifically designed for women who like man's/loose style. For example, here, I am wearing a simple white cotton tee and a straight fit pants paired with heels, but you can wear it with a pair of good sneakers. Don't be scared to experiment. You gotta MAN UP a little! Hope you enjoyed the look. Thanks. I'll see you soon. 

Hanes white tee, Mexx pants, Stuart Weitzman shoes

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Dress

Hi loves! Hope you are having an awesome weekend. As for me, I am enjoying today's breezy weather.Today I went shoe shopping and found a beautiful pair of nude heels. Can't wait to share them with you. For now, you get to enjoy the beauty of the dress I'm wearing here.Of course, there are many many ways to style a floral dress. But this is one of the simplest and safest ways to wear it, especially, when it's still kinda cold outside. What I love about this look is that we don't have to spend too much time getting ready. So, put on a simple floral dress, opaque black tights, black ankle boots and voila! Now, we are ready to have fun. Life is too short not to look our best. So let's try to look our best every day. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great weekend and I will see you soon! 

Forever21 dress, BCBG shoes

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Flower Power Skirt Look

Hey loves! Hope you are enjoying your week so far. You already know that I'm ready for Spring. This time I'm wearing a floral print mini skirt with a striped tank top and a cotton white shirt. I also attached a matching flower piece to the shirt to spice up the look a bit. I know Spring is around the corner, but if you are impatient just like me wear your skirts with opaque tights for shmexier look;) The last picture is just me being silly:) Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great week! I'll see you guys soon.

Abercrombie cotton shirt, Abercrombie tank top, Forever21 skirt (I think, not sure), BCBG shoes

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Patterned Dress + Plaid Shirt

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope you are ready to enjoy this week. Seems like New York isn't ready to see people running in shorts and flirty dresses yet. But, you know what? We can still wear our flirty dresses despite it being cold. We human beings are the most adaptive species on this planet. In a way, challenges push us to come up with new ideas and invent new practical tools. Thanks to whoever invented wearing a sleeveless dress over a shirt idea! So ladies, if you can't wait to wear your favorite sleeveless summer dress then you don't really have to wait. 

Here I combined two busy patterns. Did I already mention that I love patterns?:) You can also wear a white shirt, it is a more universal piece that will work well with different colors, floral fabrics and different types of patterns. The weather may not be ready for dresses, but we are! Especially when we can feel stylish and confident. So, unleash your inner fashionista and enjoy your week! See you guys soon! 

TJMaxx dress, BCBG shoes, Opaque Tights, Mudd Plaid Shirt 

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