Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Patterned Trench Coat

Hey loves! How have you guys been? Hope you are enjoying your life and  working on your goals that you've set for this year. As for myself,  I've been taking it easy. Just enjoying simple things like reading and cooking healthy, nutritious and delicious food. As they say, you are what you eat. I realized that you crave for what you eat more of. If you eat loads of refined sugar and processed food then that's what you are going to crave for.  And, vise verse. Hopefully, I will not fall of the wagon:). Even if I do I'll get right back on track again.  That's what life is about, right? We learn and become stronger through failing. 
 Whether it's changing our diet or making a life-changing decision that's been on our shoulders for a very long time, we shouldn't be afraid. Because we all deserve to be who we are and to live a happy life. Life is too short. Let's take chances, make decisions and listen to our heart. It is soo worth it. 

Another thing that is worth having is a patterned trench coat. This Liz Claiborne trench coat I'm wearing is one of my favorite pieces. To be honest, it is the only trench coat I own. It makes the rainy days more fun. Liz Claiborne clothes seem like more for older ladies, but I tried it on and I liked it so who cares. It looks and feels good. It also has removable lining for colder weather. Here, I'm wearing it with the lining. That's probably why it looks a little puffed up. You can also wear it with denim for more casual look. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. You can always ask questions and leave your comments above the post. Have great day/night. I'll see you guys soon. 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Oversized Hoodie + Cute Beanie

Hey guys! How's your week going? It's been extremely cold here in New York. Right now I'm sitting in a cozy warm coffee and tea cafe with good music and having hot strawberry-kiwi tea. Soo inspiring...I'm taking a picture of the place so you guys can feel the vibe. It is one of those unfamous local places in the neighborhood where everybody knows each other. Starbucks is used to be one of my favorite places to go to, but since I quit drinking coffee I stopped going there because their tea assortments don't really suit my taste.
But, you know, while one door closes another one opens. I've discovered this cozy place where they have a much better tea selection and they freshly brew their tea. I really like it. This is a small change that I'm glad I made. Another change I am making is my diet. I've been eating clean, mostly organic. I'm planning to stick to it permanently, but it is too soon to make any statements. I'll let you know in 3 months.  As they say, in order to adopt a new habit permanently you need 90 days. You can follow me on Instagram for daily foodspiration and some random pics of me:) My username is @go_after_dream 
Here, I am wearing my brother's hoodie. When a hoodie oversized it feels so right. It is not only comfortable, but somehow it makes you feel chic. And if you wear it with a beanie then cuteness is guaranteed.'s a secret:) I really like the bunny beanie which I bought at a local Chinese store for $5 dollars. They had other cute beanies, so will make another trip soon. Then, the skirt I'm wearing here is from China as well. I bought it when I was an exchange student many years ago. There are few favorite items I still have in my closet from the Chinese street markets.  You guys, probably, know that the socks are from Kyrgyzstan. My grandma sent them to me. I've talked about them in one of the older posts. I'll post the link below. So, that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed it. See you soon! Stay motivated and focused on your goals:)

Old Navy Hoodie, Steve Madden sneaker wedges, grandma's hand-knitted socks to keep my feet warm in this cold weather:)
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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!!! Hope you all had an amazing New Year's Eve. It's been a while since my last blogpost, but taking a short break helped me realize many important things. One of which is that fashion blogging is my passion. I also made some new year's resolutions, of course. The biggest goal for this years is to work on my blog and have more subscribers. I have a specific number in mind but I will tell you when the website reaches the number. Then, I have smaller goals like not to leave dirty dishes in the sink. I always used to keep the kitchen clean, but for the past two years I somehow adapted this bad habit. It all started with leaving my morning coffee cup in the sink. And that's where it took off.
Speaking of coffee cups, I think I can claim that I am caffeine free now. Yay! Well, not entirely though. I drink green tea which has a little caffeine. I meant to say that I quit coffee, my biggest weakness. But, maaan, I gotta tell you that was tough. I literally experienced serious withdrawal symptoms. For those of you, coffee addicts, my suggestion is to do it slowly by reducing the amount little by little. The way I did wasn't the best way, and it all because I wanted to quit and be free before 2014. So the first four mournings I had to go back to bed because my heartbeat was escalating and I was having a headache. And throughout the day I felt kinda dizzy and all I could think was coffee. On the first day of quitting coffee I couldn't hold myself. I went to Starbucks and got  a short pike (my recent discovery that a "short" size is smaller than the small size cup), but then the next morning I promised myself that I will not drink.
I was determined, so I didn't drink any. Ever since I haven't had any coffee. Today is my 7th day.  I've been drinking coconut milk instead. Now I feel much better, the symptoms subsided. From now on, coffee will be my treat when I meat up with friends or on special occasions, but definitely not an everyday thing. It seems like a small achievement, but to me it's huuuge. If I was able to stop drinking coffee I feel like I can do anything. Oh, by the way, I also stopped consuming milk and all dairy products. Surprisingly, it was easy:)
Another, small resolution for this year is to become better at using makeup. Specifically, master the cat eye makeup look. I think "cat eyes" look good on anyone when done right. I already practiced a little today:) There are also many small resolutions I have on my list. Is there a bad habit that you would like to get rid of? or is there a new habit that you wish to adopt? We as human beings should always work on improving no matter where we stand. Have a wonderful year filled with love, joy and kindness. And I will do my best to provide with the best content and be here on and on to remind you to stay on course. Best of luck and I'll see you soon!
Mandees dress, Naturalizer shoes, my friend Becca's bracelet (forgot the brand), it looks amazing though. The head piece is my winter jackets collar:))
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