Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Street Chic Look

Hi guys! How's life going? Hope you are ready for Thanksgiving turkey. Are you guys planning to cook Thanksgiving dinner? I know one thing for sure: I want an apple pie with vanilla ice cream more than anything for Thanksgiving. Yum! I really like the concept of this holiday. We should be  giving thanks everyday not only on Thanksgiving days, right? But, anyways, it is one of the good reasons to share good memories, laughter and joy with the people dear to your heart.  It doesn't really matter if we are good cooks or not, or if the turkey we make turns out to be dry or chewy (sorry, if that happens).
What matters most is the joy we bring to the table. And one of the ways to feel joyful is by  looking  good. When we look good we feel good, and when we feel good we feel joyful. Please, do not interpret "looking good" as "self-centered-competetive-attention-seeking." Looking good should feel burdenless and joyful. There are no standards for looking good unless you are in Hollywood. My interpretation of "looking good" is when you like the process of putting the outfit pieces together and when it makes you feel good. It's like playing the princess dress-up game, you put on the dresses made out of cheap polyester fabrics and you pretend that you are a princess and you feel good about it. Simple.
And this is one of my feel-good outfits. For some reason, I look like a turkey here, don't you think? I don't know if it's the hat or the high-low shirt. lol. But, I like it. Oh, and, yes, Grey is the new black for now, meaning this season. So if you wear grey for Thanksgiving you won't go wrong. Happy Thanksgiving! See you guys soon.
The street vendor hat, Zara sweater, don't know the brand of high-low shirt, Aeropostale jeans, Tommy Hilfiger wedge booties,  handmade bag from Kyrgyz Republic

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue Stripes

Hi everyone! Hope life is treating you well, and vise verse. The weather in New York has been extremely sporadic. One day it was down-jacket-cold, and the next day it got almost flip-flops warm. Now, the temperature dropped significantly. You might be wondering why I always talk about the weather, "Is she a weatherman?" No, I am certainly not. It's because the weather pretty much determines my looks of the day. When it is warm I can wear something lighter, and when it is not I have to wear something warm. So, taking the weather into consideration before deciding what to wear can be helpful.
Even though, I am not the one who should be talking about the weather appropriate outfits:). If you've read the previous post, you know what I'm talking about. Those of you who live in warm places don't have to deal with this kind of problem. If you think it's a problem in the first place. Despite it's outfit dilemmas, I like winter. Especially, around Christmas time. Are you guys ready for Christmas yet? But, I guess we have to go through Thanksgiving first right? For now, let's enjoy this blue striped look. These beautiful shots were taken in one of those warm days. It was extremely sunny and some shots came out too bright. But you can still enjoy the liveliness of the pictures taken by my beloved brother:). Enjoy your day!
Zara skinny jeans, H&M striped sweater, Abercrombie shirt, Tommy Hilfiger booties, handmade bag

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey guys! Hope your weekend is going well. I am trying to stay productive by working out and creating new outfits. Also, thinking of  yoga regularly. I've been mediating for twenty minutes every morning and I really like it. It helps you to stay focused throughout the day. I will let you know when I do it for 30 days straight. Tomorrow will be my 7th day. So far so good. The weather was absolutely beautiful today making me want to take a longer walk. Good thing, I live in New York where distances are long and it requires you to walk a lot. I love walking.
As you've noticed, I've been into bright colors lately. And this look reflects the "brightness" of my mood at that particular time. Here, I didn't really try to tone the colors down. Instead, I tried to create a dynamic flow by adding more color. The hat really brings all the pieces and colors together. We don't mind a little Hip-Hop in our looks, right? Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please, feel free to comment down below. Thank you, see you soon!
Forever21 faux leather jacket, H&M green sweater, Strawberry acid jeans, Tommy Hilfiger wedge booties, Neff hat.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pink Puffer Jacket

Hi guys! How's your week going? Hope you are having a good time. Today is one of those cold sunny days in New York. Most of the time you see me dressed weather inappropriate. Not because I do it intentionally, but because I always overestimate or underestimate the New York weather. When I think that it's not that cold outside, it turns out to be extremely cold. And when I assume that it should be cold and dress up like a panda it usually happens to be warm. Oh, well, this is something I can totally live with...
This is one of the street chic looks that will keep you warm and stylish. The pink Abercrombie jacket is super light-weighted and warm. I wore the jacket with Abercrombie sweatpant leggings. These leggings are the most comfortable leggings I've ever worn in  my entire life. No kidding. Great for long flights and road trips. I love how this outfit  felt  soo cozy. It's like walking around in your PJ's. You don't always have to wear heels and skinny tight jeans in order to feel fab, right? Sometimes, it's nice to dress down. I've gotta run now. I'll see you guys soon. Stay warm in your hearts!
Abercrombie jacket, Abercrombie tee, Abercrombie leggings, Steve Madden sneaker wedges, my brother's hat:) Looks good on me, right?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Falling For Fall

Hi, everyone! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend. The weather is being so random in New York. A few days ago you could literally walk around in shorts, and now it's impossible to be outside in your warmest jacket for 15 minutes- too cold. I am still working on translating "Solyanka's" recipe. I have to admit that I'm a horrible translator. I can speak both (Russian, English) languages fluently, but when it comes to translating from Russian into English, I suck. Well, hopefully, I will post the recipe by the end of this week. Let's hope:)
For now, you get to enjoy this beautiful Fall look. Nature sets its own trend. Beauty is everywhere! After carefully observing the trees I came to a conclusion that different shades of yellow leaves are in trend this season. And all the New York parks are following this trend harmoniously. It is freely accessible t0 all human beings, so you better take advantage of it. As you can see, I took full advantage of this gorgeous Fall look. Me and my brother took a walk to the park and captured these beautiful shots for you to enjoy. The outfit perfectly blended in with the trees and the weather, making me feel like I was part of their team. And I was.
This casual look is simple, comfortable and chic. If you look at it it's just a t-shirt with skinny jeans, but with a little bit of twists and turns. This kind of look can be worn everyday without really putting much effort. It's all about the ensemble and the patterns. The cardigan has interesting patterns which adds an illusionary twist to the entire look from the back. And the front look draws attention with the a la Kenzo tiger face t-shirt. Roar! And, let's not forget that our confidence must roar just like the tiger face on the shirt. Hope you enjoyed the pics. I'll see you guys soon. Have a wonderful day/night.
Zara t-shirt, Zara skinny jeans, Tommy Hilfiger wedge booties, Liz Claiborne cardigan, handmade purse

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shades of Gray

Hey, guys! How is your weekend going? Hope you are having fun. I've been busy with lots of things that are happening in my life. Good news is that I have lots of interesting looks to post this coming week. Really really excited to share them with you. I think my creativity started unleashing itself slowly but surely. The more I create something the more ideas appear in my mind. Aahhhhmazing!
And this look is one of the creations that I really like myself. It has many shades of grey, and most importantly, every piece is interesting on its own. Every piece could be combined with lots of other bright-colored items. I really wanted to add some pop of color to the outfit, but then I realized that it's perfect the way it is. It looks edgy, yet chic. I think it could easily be transitioned from day-to-night looks.
This look proves that grey does not mean boring or gloomy. You can still look amazing and feel good. I received lots of compliments while walking down the street and people were giving me complimenting looks as well. Every outfit somehow changes your attitude depending on the theme of your style. If it is summery, flowery then you feel flirty and bubbly, and if it is sophisticated then you feel more serious. I felt good. I had fun with it. Hope you can feel the energy that I put into this work. Have a great weekend! See you guys soon.
Forever21 skirt, Forever 21 top, Vera Wang cropped cardigan, Naturalizer shoes, Nine West cross-body bag, Via Spiga tights