Thursday, October 31, 2013


Hi, everyone! Happy Halloween! Finally, it's here. The weather is gloomy and warm in New York- perfect for this fun holiday. Today, I won't be talking about Halloween since I've done enough of talking on this subject in my previous posts. Just enjoy trick-or-treating. And if you don't celebrate it, it's no biggy. You can always have fun without any holidays if you allow yourself to do so. I forgot to mention about the "Solyanka" that I made over the past weekend. It turned out really good, smokey and sour. I will post the recipe tomorrow. The recipe needs to be translated from Russian into English. What I realized is that vegetable soups can be really good to maintain weight loss. I'm talking about when I just eat soup, no bread, buns, crackers, burgers with it. Just one bowl of soup. Since all the ingredients in it are boiled thoroughly, it makes it easy to digest. It can also warm up my soul just like a cup of coffee in the mornings.
There are, actually, many things that can warm up my soul including putting outfit pieces together. And this look is the result of putting pieces together through my heart and soul. It's like painting. But I use clothes instead of a paint brush. If I were to describe this look in two words I would say, Casual Chic. This is a casual look with lots of interesting details such as the plaid shirt underneath the sweatshirt and the denim jacket tied around my waist. The sweatshirt is really the star of this entire look, but its not to underestimate the power of the other pieces. It's only with the help of the denim jacket, jeans, bright nails, the plaid shirt and wedge booties the KISS sweatshirt can pop and be the star of this entire look. You know how many ways you can style a denim jacket and jeans? There are probably more than a thousand ways. And you know how many ways you can style the Kiss sweatshirt? A lot less. So, never underestimate the power of little, plain, simple things. Hope you enjoyed the post. See you guys soon, and have a blessed day/night.
Mudd shirt, H&M sweatshirt, Old Navy denim jacket, Aeropostale jeans, Tommy Hilfiger wedge booties, just a bag with no label (bought it in a small Russian store).

Monday, October 28, 2013

Simple Hungry Vampire Look

Hi, guys! Hope you guys had a good weekend. Weekends are always fun, even when you stay home and do nothing, it still feels fun. Speaking of fun, are you guys ready for Halloween? Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween? If not, there are many characters you can create by using what you already have. If you guys remember, I mentioned that I had a cool idea for Halloween in my previous blogpost. The idea I had in mind was this super easy Hungry Vampire look.
Basically, I wore all black and used lots of powder to make my skin look sickishly pale. But, for some reason it looks not as pale as I would've expected it to look. Originally, I intended to create the vampire look, but I think it looks like a zombie. Whatever it is, it looks spooky. Good thing, no one saw my face while we were shooting this pictures. It was around midnight, and luckily people were still asleep while I broke into a pet shop and sucked out two puppies' blood. Even though, I really like human blood, especially, type 2. It is the most aromatic and delicious kind. Though, I have to admit that the puppies' blood wasn't bad at all. If you are a dog lover then we have a lot of things in common. Hehe.
Ok ok let's put the jokes aside. So, if you can't think of anything for Halloween be a vampire/zombie. Just wear all black from head-to-toe. Make your face look pale by using lighter foundation or powder. Use some red or pink eyeshadows under your eyes to create a hungry-for-blood look. You can also contour your face for sharper facial features. This step is optional. Only if you know the contouring techniques. You can always find how-to tutorials on Youtube. Oh, don't forget to draw the bulging veins on your neck. You can easily draw branching lines with a contouring brush or with any thin brush.
Another important tip is that you must act like a vampire. Be quiet, turn your head slowly, keep your eyes wide open then squint a little from time to time. Make sudden moves, move your hands as if they are stiff. You can hiss, sniff, stare. Feel like you are a real vampire and have fun with it. As you can see I had lots of fun being a hungry vampire. Hope you guys liked the pictures. See you guys soon and have a great day/night. 
Forever21 faux leather jacket, Aldo boots, Express shirt, H&M leggings.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Black Faux Leather Jacket + Leopard Print Jeans

Hi, everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your week and ready to enjoy the weekends. It's really cold and windy outside now. Definitely, hat-and-scarf weather. I thought I would be fine without a hat and scarf today, big mistake! I was so jealous of people who walked passed by me all bundled up wearing hats, scarves and even gloves. I think I could survive without a warm hat, but a scarf makes a difference. Especially, when it gets really windy here in New York. If you don't wear a scarf than you will experience the cold through your body. I mean, literally "through your body." It can squeeze in through your open neck and go all the way down to your warm belly. And if you are wearing lose pants then the wind can go all the way up your legs, so, the wind that entered your body through your neck and the wind that entered your body through your pants can have a date somewhere in the middle. Not a pleasant feeling:) If you live in New York you know what I'm talking about.
I also like to keep my feet warm. If my feet feel cold I can't function at all. All my attention and focus will go on how to make them warm. When I was a kid I used to go to my parents' bedroom so I can warm my feet up by putting them in between my mom's or dad's thighs. Crazy right? My grandmother, knowing my "cold-feet-dysfunction" sent me two pairs of hand knitted wool socks. Wool socks are the warmest socks you can ever wear. They are almost like UGGs, and they usually have pretty patterns, like the ones I'm wearing here. Don't they look cool? I even think that the socks add a little spice to the entire look.
Somehow this look turned out to display of who I am precisely. The leopard jeans convey my wild, adventurous side while the leather jacket expresses my tough and confident nature. The flowing high-low shirt underneath the leather jacket shows my easy-goingness about life. I always try to take it easy no matter how high or low the life gets . Next, the sneaker wedges. I mean, even the sneaker wedges radiate my personality. They are sneakers and wedges in one. If I were shoes, I would be sneaker wedges, because they are comfortable and stylish. And they also add  enough height to elongate your legs and to keep your posture straight. Comfort meets style kinda situation. Most, of the time you will see me dressed stylishly comfortable. Bam! "Stylishly comfortable," I like how it sounds so right. And the right thing to do right now would be wrap it up the right way. Hope you enjoyed the post. Have a great weekend guys!
Forever21 faux leather jacket, Strawberry jeans, Steve Madden sneaker wedges, no brand  high-low shirt and hand knitted socks from Kyrgyzstan

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Wear Patterned Jeans

Hi, everyone! How are you all doing? So, today is Thursday and most of us like Thursdays because its the day before Friday. And Friday means we still have two full days of no work/school ahead of us. I haven't made any plans for the weekend yet, but there are several things I would like to do. First, I have an awesome idea for Halloween costume which I'm going to share with you later in the week. And another thing I look forward doing is to make a big pot of Russian soup ,"Solyanka." As I found out I have never made this soup myself before. I thought I have but my brother proved me wrong, because what I was calling "Solyanka" was some other type of Russian soup which is called "Rassolnik." Now I know the difference. If it turns out good I will share the recipe with you, of course. Wish me luck!
While you need a little luck cooking good "Solyanka," you don't really need any luck wearing printed skinny jeans. All you need is to know the basic rules of what to wear them with. I shouldn't call them "rules" because there are no rules when it comes to personal styling, but I would say "tips" that can help you wear printed jeans with more confidence. Here, I'm displaying one of the safest ways to wear them. The safest bet would be to stick with plain colored pieces since the jeans have patterns already. You kinda want to calm down the crazy patterns and bring some flow to your entire look. As you can see, I'm wearing the diamond printed skinny jeans with the plain black sweatshirt ,Vans and a giant fabric tote. It's a totally run-errands or a grab-a-cup-of-coffee-with-a-friend kinda look, comfortable yet interesting (not boring) outfit. I guess, that's all I have for now. Have a wonderful day! See you all soon:)
Forever21 black sweatshirt, H&M printed skinny jeans, Vans sneakers and a random giant tote 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cropped Denim Jacket Look

Hi everyone! Today's post won't be long. Promise. It's 8:42 pm here in New York and I am feeling little tired. And while I am writing "I am feeling tired" I actually felt even more tired as if my body has been waiting for me to say it all day. Yes, I admit it, I do feel tired. But it's the good kind of exhaustion. It's the kind when you feel satisfied with yourself and with what you've done at the end of the day. Because, you did the best  you could for today. Hehe. See, how I convinced myself  to focus on what I've done today instead of focusing on the exhaustion itself? I am such a trickster!
I wish I could convince the cold weather to wait a little so I could wear light jackets and dresses little longer. Only a few days ago I could wear this cropped denim jacket with the striped dress. *Deep Sigh* And now it's too cold to wear this kind of outfit. See, how I'm starting to complain again? Ok, one good thing that the cold weather has brought was the craving for soup. And I had a really good Beef Barley soup today. Yum. I can still taste it in my mouth. Ok, few words on the outfit. Seriously, I was gonna right a short post with the outfit details only, and look at me now talking about Beef Barley soup. I just complained again, I guess.
Let me quickly wrap it up before I start writing about what I saw and how I felt in Central Park today. So, I really love  this cropped denim jacket for its versatility. This is only one of the gazillion ways you can wear the jacket with. You can wear it over long/short dresses, with skinny jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings I mean the list can go on and on. You know, how they say that every  girl must own a little black dress aka LBD. I think every girl must own a little cropped denim jacket because you will wear it a lot more often than your LBD. That's all I can say for now. Hope you enjoyed my "short" post. Have a great day or night! See you guys soon.
Strawberry denim jacket, Rampage striped dress, Elie Tahari wedges and a handmade cross-body bag from Kyrgyzstan. Oh, the bracelet is handmade too. I bought in New York.