Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring High-Low

Hi loves! How is everyone doing? Hope you are all feeling positive and happy. I would hope your days are filled with laughter and good vibes. But, some of you might be going through not so happy times. As cliche as it may sound, that's part of life. Just like this dress I'm wearing here, it consists of highs and lows. Life consists of flowers and rocks. It consists of days and nights. It consists of rainy days and sunny days. And it never stops moving forward. What happened two seconds ago will never repeat itself again. Are you moving along with life? Or you are stuck? If yes, what's holding you back? Whatever the answer is, know that it is solvable. Maybe you are trapped in your fears. Think about it...

While you are thinking, I am thinking that I want to go travelling somewhere exotic so bad. Where the weather is warm and where coconut palms grow graciously. Where I can go swimming and dancing or practice yoga on the beach. This dress really says what I want at the moment. I want the sun to shine bright. 

Mandee dress, and I am not wearing any shoes here:)

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